Behind every innovations there is an interesting story!

The founder once planned to buy a new car, for that he visited a nearby car showroom, the sales executives described the features of various models and variants of their cars and the other services offered to us like finance, insurance, free services, etc. But when I enquired about the cash discount or any other offers for accessories, the sales person's gab lost and the dealer's special offers like free floor mat or mud flap, etc. hence I was not satisfied to deal with them.

When I shared my wish with friends,they were also interested to buy their dream cars, so we contacted with the manufacture executives and learnt the benefits we can get from the manufacturer. It is the spark for my initiation to plan for a start-up entrepreneurship. I shared my dream with my bosom friend and we decided to extend the benefits to the people like us desire to buy new cars.

During that journey the founder met one of his old friends who is working as a sales manager in a car showroom. The founder and his friend ordered 5 new cars together. Because of their friendship the sales manager revealed the car dealership games. He told that they will not give any additional offer other than manufactures discounts, where as a sales executive can direct the customer to take decisions on insurance and finance which are more beneficial for the dealers. Most of the customers may not be aware of such things and they are insisted to believe what the executive says because sales executives are professionally trained. There the game starts.

Further learnt that, each dealers have their own targets and accordingly they get more benefits from the manufacturer. Just like this, the insurance and finance companies can also earn more when they achieve their target.  There are many insurance companies those who offers up to 50% discount on insurance to the customers and sometimes the customer may not get this. There are many finance company offers to select, but the car showroom executive insist the customer to select a particular finance which the executive get more benefits from the finance company.

After a few days, the founder and his friends purchased the desired cars from that dealer and they got unbelievable benefits and that made them happy. On that moment the founder thought about what can be done to get more benefits to the customers. Thus he ventured into a new project.

Fortunately, he met an enthusiastic person abroad,who had innovative ideas and more than 10 years of marketing experience. The founder shared this idea with him. He was so excited to discuss their business deal and further operations and he became the co-founder. He had his own business contacts to boost this project and when he joined as a co-founder and thus the Woogy cars born.

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